• The Commons System at SMU was established in 2014.
  • This system is based off of the Oxford University Residential College System which has been established for nearly 1,000 years.
  • This system of residential learning aims to build a community among students of all ages (freshman through graduate students can live in the commons) and faculty by providing a place to "know and be known" while pursuing the world's biggest questions. 
  • The Commons serves as a central hub, a "home base" to connect with other students to explore clubs, study groups, intramurals, and more.
  • There is a special connection between residents that cannot be found elsewhere. Imagine that your commons is like your ‘House’ in your very own Hogwarts.
  • Each commons has its own crest, motto, feasts, and traditions.
  • The Commons System has a central governing body known as The Assembly.  It is a consortium of every Commons' President and a few executive members.
  • Students are elected and appointed to serve their commons through their individual Commons Council.