Any student living in or affiliated with Kathy Crow Commons is family. As part of the KCC family, you are responsible for your commons and your neighbors. Family members are expected to participate in KCC and Commons traditions. As a valued member of this family, you are empowered to create your own traditions that positively contribute to the culture of our commons. We are a family of students, faculty and staff who strive to cultivate meaningful relationships in order to promote rich intellectual, cultural, and social growth.

Letter from Commons Council President

Hello KCC Residents,

If you haven’t heard it before now SMU has a saying “Every mustang will be valued”. This year in Kathy Crow Commons we hope to expand that saying. Our theme for the year is “Every mustang will be invested in!” and our goal is to be the “Healthiest” commons on campus.

Your Kathy Crow Commons Leadership Team along with your FIR’s, RCD, and RA’s are committed to helping you reach your full potential. Although we are extremely dedicated to you, as with any partnership, you will get out what you put in. We want to know who you really are and what you’re capable of and we are willing and waiting to help you become the greatest “you” you can possibly be!

This year we are going to focus on a “Triangle of Health”: Mental/Emotional, Physical/Nutritional, and Financial. All three of these areas are individually important but no one is more important than the others. It is my sincere belief that when we as students and people are mentally, physically, and financially healthy we perform better academically and socially.

I’ve told you what our goals and focuses are for the year but how do we plan to achieve them? Kathy Crow Commons aims to improve the health of its residents:

Physically through encouraging participation in intramurals and commons cup events, establishing and maintaining a relationship with the campus dietitian and personal trainers, starting a Kathy Crow Commons Run/Walk Club (for all levels), and hosting events that allow students the opportunity to make healthy food choices.

Mentally by making sure that every resident knows that there is a support system surrounding them (RAs, Floor Reps, RCDs, and FIRs), hosting speakers and workshops about dealing with social and academic stresses, making sure that residents who may need additional support get it, and most importantly by ensuring that Kathy Crow Commons remains a safe and comfortable place for all residents.

- Financially through workshops and opportunities to learn more about budgeting and healthy spending habits, inviting in experts to discuss the importance of saving and investing, and learning how to incorporate a healthy tradition of giving and philanthropy into each of our lives.


Cameron Ivory
Kathy Crow Commons President

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